Note: The reprints linked to this list are solely for educational and research, not commercial, use.

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Publications from participation of our research group in multicenter studies
a. Androutsos O, Moschonis G, Koumpitski A, Mantzou A, Roma-Giannikou E, Chrousos GP, Manios Y, Kanaka-Gantenbein C; "Healthy Growth Study” Group (2014). The correlation of right 2D:4D finger length ratio to the low-grade inflammation marker IL-6 in children. The Healthy Growth Study. Early Hum Dev 90: 61-65. pdf
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c. Moschonis G, Kalliora AC, Costarelli V, Papandreou C, Koutoukidis D, Lionis C, Chrousos GP, Manios Y; "Healthy Growth Study" Group (2014). Identification of lifestyle patterns associated with obesity and fat mass in children: the Healthy Growth Study. Public Health Nutr 17: 614-624. pdf


Note: The reprints linked to this list are solely for educational and research, not commercial, use.


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