Our research group has 20 years of experience in biochemical monitoring of athletes. During this period we have examined over 1000 athletes including 4 Olympic medalists. Among the organizations that have collaborated with us are 8 swimming clubs, 3 football clubs, 3 basketball teams, 4 volleyball teams, the Greek Track and Field Federation, the Greek Football Federation, the Greek Gymnastics Federation, the Greek Volleyball Federation and the Greek Swimming Federation. We also participated in the Center for Scientific Support of Sport that operated from 1997 to 1999 under the auspices of the Secretariat for Sport of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace. Additionally, we offer nutritional guidance to athletes.

All this provides our laboratory with practical experience (in addition to theoretical knowledge) about the biological particularities of athletes and, thus, with the ability of reliable evaluation of their staus. The results of the analyses are registered in an electronic database and are available for statistical treatment and long-term monitoring of each athlete. Finally, we are constantly eager to offer scientific advice to athletes, trainers and team doctors.

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