Research Collaborations

Our research group has collaborated or is currently collaborating with other laboratories in Greece and abroad. Our research activity comprises the measurement of biological substances in tissues of athletes, non-athletes and laboratory animals, aiming at exploring the effects of exercise and nutrition on health and sport performance through their short- and long-term effects on metabolism. Thereby, our group attempts to promote understanding of the association between physical activity and body function at the molecular level.

The Laboratory has the ability to measure and study dozens of biochemical parameters including:

  • Lipids (fatty acids, triglycerides, phospholipids, cholesterol, lipoproteins)
  • Proteins and amino acids
  • Metabolites (ATP, creatine phosphate, glucose, glycogen, lactate, glycerol, urea, creatinine etc.)
  • Indices of the redox state
  • Hormones (peptide and steroid)
  • Enzymes
  • Minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium etc.)

Our research group possesses the know-how and equipment for special techniques, such as gas chromatography, enzyme immunoassay (EIA, or ELISA), electrophoresis, and Western blotting. We also possess the know-how for fat biopsy and muscle biopsy in cooperation with physicians.

The main research interests of our group are:

  • The effect of exercise on energy metabolism, lipid metabolism in particular
  • The effect of exercise on gene expression
  • The effect of exercise and nutrition on the redox status of the body
  • The effect of nutrition and dietary supplements on health and sport performance
  • The effect of exercise and nutrition on the biochemical profile of exercisers
  • The exploration of biochemical indices of the training load and adaptations to training
  • Exercise metabonomics

Additionally, effective 1993 we provide biochemical monitoring and evaluation of athletes to sport organizations and individuals.

Finally, our research group is part of the Bioanalysis thematic network.

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